About Brands

About Brands



HELLO. brand created for people who in all their decisions are guided by a sense of beauty. For those who are vital to work with a harmonious product.

HELLO. - is a product that deserves your attention if:

  • You are a perfectionist;
  • Product safety matters to you;
  • You pay special attention to the selection of a palette;
  • You run a premium beauty salon.


SOVADECOR is a Ukrainian manufacturer of sliders for manicures and pedicures, founded by a nail technician in 2020. The assortment includes more than 150 designs, and SOVADECOR is represented by over 100 stores in Ukraine and abroad.



The Eclat company was founded more than 10 years ago to produce high-quality professional manicure tools.

The sharpening of the Eclat manicure tool is done under a microscope with incredibly detailed precision.

Each manicure tool by Eclat is individual because it is made by hand, so manicure tools, even those of the same size, may vary slightly. They have the thinnest tips, the best steel, and perfect sharpening. All professional Eclat manicure tools are sharpened and ready for work. Eclat manicure tools are tools that you want to work with.


ADORE Professional

ADORE professional is a Ukrainian brand of professional nail industry products, created in 2015 to help nail technicians emphasize the individuality of each of their clients.

The ADORE professional product line contains 800+ items and is formed in accordance with modern industry standards, with an emphasis on aesthetic and high-quality materials.

Products certified in Ukraine have 9- and 12-FREE formulas and meet international safety and quality standards. The company uses raw materials from the USA,
EU countries, China, and Ukraine using 3-STEPS technology testing.

ADORE professional
Your choice. Your personality.


Stamping plates by Vakula

Irina Vakula is a famous Ukrainian nail artist, educator, and influencer. Stamping plates are high-quality and distinct. They help you create unique designs with minimum effort.

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