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PRO-class metalized forms for modeling acrylic and gel nails.

Universal forms-templates have a dense 158g/mm, moderately hard paper base with application of pure aluminum, which contributes to better polymerization of solid materials in UV/LED lamps.

PRO METALLIZED NAIL FORMS press well, hold their shape perfectly, do not tear or peel off. Convenient universal marking controls the length of the extended nail.

The forms are equipped with convenient perforation, which prevents the template from breaking and ensures a tight fit of the template to the nail plate and under the free edge. The grooves under the side rollers allow you to adjust the shape for fingers of any size and the natural anatomy of the nail.

Advantages of ADORE professional extension templates:

– frame of increased elasticity,

– metallized coating that helps reflect UV/LED rays,

– high stickiness,

– deformation-resistant base